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World Premix Awards 2021


World's Best Spirit and Mixer

World's Best Spirit and Mixer
Style Winner
Gin &
Collective Arts Distilling
Dry Gin and Soda with Grapefruit, Lemon and Thyme


"Good subtle flavour: fresh citrus with a more earthy herbal note at the back. Notable lack of sweetness, which is very pleasant."

Vodka &

"Incredibly strong, sour notes on the nose. Very bold and this transfers to the palate beautifully. I love this. There is a fierceness to the experience and a wonderful tartness. There is quite a clean drop off on the finish, but a lovely experience. There is a kind of bicarbonate of soda on the finish."



Whisky &

Style Winner
Style WinnerEasy Rider
Bourbon and Cola
"Notes of smoke on the nose and the palate, brings bacon and maple syrup to mind. An interesting flavour. It does work, but it's a little different. The smokiness changes after time and turns a little flatter, giving a playdough note to it all."

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