Celebrating the world's best premixes

The Judging Process


TASTE judging is conducted blind and held in three stages:

Round 1
Each premix is tasted in its relevant sub-category to identify and select the sub-category winners and award any medals. Judges making up the World Premix Awards panel include leading journalists, specialist drinks retailers, bartenders/mixologists and hoteliers.

Rounds 2 & 3
Sub-category winners are tasted against each other to identify the ‘Best’ premix in each category and the ‘Best’ premixes in each category are then tasted against each other one last time to select the World’s Best Premix. Judges at this stage include those in Round 1 to whom are added a panel of leading distillers and experts from the international premix industry.


All DESIGN judging is conducted by a panel of leading international design experts.

Round 1
Each product is reviewed in its relevant category to identify and select the category winners and award any medals.

Round 2
Category winners from Round 1 are assessed against one other to identify the ‘World’s Best Premix Design’ and the highest scoring products are then added together to select the ‘World’s Best Premix Design Agency’.

The Judging Criteria

Taste Awards

Each entry is tasted blind and marked to an agreed and strictly enforced marking system. As well as nose, palate and finish the judges will look for:

Design Awards

Judges will assess entries purely on the quality of the design and innovative use of materials and production techniques. All entries in each category are judged together by all judges and are scored against clearly defined criteria: